Acne Products

Written by Serena Berger
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Acne products that you find in drug stores or see advertised in magazines make a lot of promises. The only problem is, most of them are unable to keep those promises; some of them even make skin problems worse, because they are not doing what you need to treat acne, and are actually irritating sensitive skin. In order to assess the quality of acne products more successfully, you must first understand what acne is, and then how to treat it.

Actually, there are limits to what doctors know about acne, which is why many myths about its causes are able to persist. The direct cause is known to be pores clogged with excess oil, frequently compounded with material from make-up or other products applied to the face which sticks to oil and clogs pores. Before that, the root of excess oil production can be traced to an excess of certain hormones. What remains ambiguous, however, is why acne clears up naturally in some people over time, even though their oil (sebum) production and hormones don't decrease. Stress and environmental factors (such as humidity and pollution) probably make acne worse, but are not solely responsible.

All of that being said, then, what should you look for in acne products? First, you may need to see a doctor. If your acne is caused by a bacterial infection, only a doctor can prescribe an antibiotic which will start the treatment process.

Finding Acne Products

After you have resolved any bacterial issues, you can manage your care yourself. The essential aspects to treating acne are gentle cleansing, keeping pores unobstructed, and controlling sebum production. You may also want to find a cream with an anti-inflammatory component, as the redness associated with acne extends well beyond the exact area of the blemishes, since irritation, scratching, and rubbing all make the skin appear worse. The best cosmetics companies are continually involved in research to make more effective products to treat excess oil production and acne.

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