Acne Remedy

Written by Kathleen Brieske
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Until recently, virtually every well known acne remedy approached the problem where it lived: on the surface of your skin. While such an approach can provide short-term relief of symptoms and itchiness, it does next to nothing for an acne sufferer's long-term well-being. Fortunately, in the last few years, the array of treatment options has widened in an exciting new way.

Led by a handful of alternative doctors steeped in traditional Chinese medicine, an entirely new and more holistic approach to acne has recently arisen. Viewing acne--as so many other superficial problems--as a symptom of internal toxins, this approach combines treatment from the outside and the inside. Creams and sprays ought not be forsaken, but for long-term preventive relief, only an internal regimen that detoxifies your body can get the job done.

A Safe and Natural Acne Remedy

Best of all, this new breed of acne remedy is fully safe and natural. Developed across centuries with an eye to healthful herbal elements, these acne cures have no known side effects whatsoever. So what do you have to lose?

If you have tried one modern acne cream after the other, with limited success, it is incumbent upon you to broaden your options. Doing so has never been easier or more affordable. We encourage you to take steps to not simply defend against, but actually prevent acne problems.

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