Acne Treatments

Written by Charles Peacock
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Acne treatments were once the sole domain of the dermatologist. For millions of Americans, this meant making expensive appointments and purchasing expensive prescription drugs. The day has finally come, however, when some powerful acne treatments are finally available over-the-counter, and also over the Internet.

Find the Right Acne Treatments

If you can't afford a trip to the dermatologist and would like to solve your acne problems on your own, a great way to start is to consult with friends and family members who have some knowledge on the issue. Acne is a very common problem--and not just among teenagers. By asking around, you're sure to find people who have had good or bad experiences with certain types of acne treatments.

Once you've found the names of some good treatments, a good next step is to do some research online. Look for websites that were written by board certified dermatologists. This is a great way to learn from them without having to pay expensive fees. Just be sure if you find some information that you can find another source that will confirm their suggestions--this is a good way to avoid falling victim to bad information.

If you've tried all the over-the-counter acne treatments and haven't had any success, you may need to bite the bullet and see a dermatologist. While this can be expensive, you should consider it an investment in your health. Few people would choose life with chronic acne over a few dollars spent to make the problem go away for good.

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