Adult Acne

Written by Kathleen Brieske
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Like so many dermatological conditions, adult acne has long been misunderstood and inadequately treated. To be sure, the best creams and sprays do a serviceable job of reducing or even eliminating the irritation and itchiness of existing pimples. But an approach that is purely topical will always be far more defensive than preventive.

Fortunately, there is now a better way. Drawing upon the insights of traditional Chinese medicine, a handful of innovative alternative practitioners have recently introduced a more holistic approach to acne and other skin problems. Recognizing such problems as external manifestations of internal toxicity and imbalance, these progressive doctors have taken dramatic new steps to attack them from both the outside and the inside.

A Safe Approach to Adult Acne

The best new acne treatment regimens integrate an orally ingested herbal supplement that helps to detoxify your system. In so doing, these treatments help to bring your body back into a more natural balance, one in which external dermatological manifestations will not emerge in the first place. That means that instead of fighting adult acne as it arises, you may be able to kiss it goodbye forever.

Experienced alternative practitioners have enjoyed enormous success using such regimens with thousands of patients. Why suffer needlessly, when an approach simultaneously tougher and safer is now available? We encourage you to take a positive step to improve your health, both general and dermatological, today.

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