Adult Acne

Written by Serena Berger
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Millions of adults have acne, and they are surprised and horrified to find that what they thought was a skin condition which plagues teens does not necessarily discriminate based on age. Adult acne may have any of the same causes as acne in teens, though certain causes become more or less common based on age. In some cases the cause is bacterial, and in others it's hormonal or external.

Dealing with Adult Acne

If you have acne caused by bacteria, it can be treated by a doctor, as you will need an antibiotic. You may find that a topical antibiotic is effective, or you may take it orally. In extreme cases of adult acne, people will turn to a plastic surgeon and explore options like pulsed dye laser treatment, dermabrasion, or a chemical peel. In some cases, these treatments can be very effective if you have had acne and now have resultant scars. Laser treatments may be effective in diminishing acne if you are currently having outbreaks.

If you are hoping to treat acne without spending a lot of money or undergoing a surgical procedure, there are several things you can try, depending on your skin type and the causes of your acne. Hormones which cause excess oil secretion, faulty closing of hair ducts or pores, and infections are the culprits which cause pimples. Pimples are essentially large whiteheads--blobs of fat, oil, skin, debris, keratin, and possibly bacteria which are stuck under skin covering a follicle or pore.

When pimples are closed, you have bumps, swelling, and redness. When they rupture, you have swelling, redness, and possible infection. You just can't win. Acne treatment includes minimizing the oil which clogs pores, gently exfoliating the skin which covers them, and appropriate cleansing to get rid of anything that would get stuck in the pores with the oil. Acne cannot be cleared up overnight, but it can be managed. While you may find out that you can do this by yourself, it is advisable to see a doctor if you are unhappy with adult acne. He or she can get you on the right path as soon as possible.

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