Anti Wrinkle Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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Whether you like creams, gels, serums, wearing something thick at night or thin all day, there are anti wrinkle products to suit your desires. Anything containing Retinol is pretty popular. Think of it as a milder form of Retin-A. Some of you may be asking, "Isn't Retin-A for acne?" Yes, but it works for wrinkles, too. Retin-A (need a prescription for) and Retinol (can get over the counter) serve to dry the skin's outer layers in order to peel off imperfections and get to the good skin underneath. Works with acne and wrinkles.

There are hundreds of theories of why, exactly, our cells in our skin slowly stop doing their job and therefore cause wrinkles. None have been proven right, but there are anti wrinkle products to counteracts all sorts of theories. Most likely, the real reason is a combination of everything, so just experiment with products until you find one that seems to work.

Anti Wrinkle Products for All Theories

One of the big theories out right now as to why we age is because our cells become dehydrated. Now, some of you may be getting the idea to just drink more water. Well, that isn't exactly it. You need to find a product that actually gets water into the cells and keeps it there so that the cells stay plump and resilient, thus will your skin.

Unhealthy skin is also a sign of an unhealthy body. So anti wrinkle products aren't just for your face. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants will help combat free-radicals. Also, salt will dehydrate like crazy, so the less salt in your diet, the more buoyancy your skin will have. Eating right and finding the right facial products will have your skin happy and put a smile on your face.

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