Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Anti wrinkle treatments should include cleansing, polishing, moisturizing, and protecting. Cleansing is obvious. The skin needs to be washed clean of dirt, oil, and bacteria, so that the pores can breathe freely. Polishing, or exfoliating, helps to slough off the dead cells of the epidermis. The epidermis is the top layer of the skin, and tends to become dulled by dead cells, especially as we age.

Polishing anti wrinkle treatments can be physical, or chemical. Physical polishing might include washing the face with a wash cloth, or a buff pad. Physical exfoliation is effective, but is very often too rough for delicate skin. By using a wash cloth, you are likely to stress and tear the epidermis. If you want to physically polish the skin, use skin care products specially designed for this purpose, such as emollient creams filled with tiny, coarse granules.

Anti Wrinkle Treatments for Protection

Anti wrinkle treatments which protect the skin rely on sunscreens. The damage done to the skin by the sun can not be overstated. UV rays are terrible for your skin. If you want to lie out on the beach, you've got to use sunscreen. In fact, you should put on UV protection every single day, summer or winter, whether you are planning to go to the beach, or just to walk from your car to the office.

Anti-aging products need to moisturize the skin, as well. You can help keep your skin moist and dewy, by drinking plenty of water, and cutting back on sodas and coffee. Also, get plenty of rest at night so that your skin has plenty of time to repair and regenerate. The body needs sleep to stay youthful and healthy. Do your best to give your body everything it needs.

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