Bath And Body Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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I don't know about any of you, but I am practically addicted to my bath and body products. I have to have a body pouf of good thickness and when I've used it too much and it starts to get all fluffy, I have to get a new one. I tend to have more than one bath gel product in my shower. One is usually some wonderful tropical scent and another is usually something basic and gentle.

How Many Bath and Body Products Can You Have?
I ask this question because there are so many fun things out there to help pamper ourselves and improve our overall skin health and quality. You can find dozens of cellulite creams. Just know that these creams cannot make your cellulite disappear, but they can make it look less lumpy for a while. Splash them on before a big date! Another wonderful body product is lotion. There are literally thousands of lotions out there. You can find your favorite scent and thickness. Thinner lotions are good for hands during the day so they aren't all sticky, but for dry legs and long-lasting moisture, go for thicker lotion.

As far as bath and body products are concerned, I've already discussed bath gel. However, there's also a lot of fun stuff for right when you step out of the shower. What about some body talc? Soften your body while making it smell powder fresh. Alternatively, maybe you want to use some moisturizing body spritz. These sprays can act as a light perfume while moisturizing and invigorating you all over.

Of course, I haven't mentioned those dry, rough areas of our bodies yet! Our elbows, knees and feet need more attention than any of us give them. Our poor feet have to support our weight day in and day out and most of us give them no more attention than to clip our toenails every once in a while-and some don't even do that. Try some foot lotion and see if you don't feel extremely pampered. Your feet will thank you. Bath and body products are wonderful ways to make yourself feel special.

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