Bath Cloth

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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When deciding on an exfoliating bath cloth for the face, make sure it has a light, even, fine texture. A more abrasive exfoliating cloth is best saved for the body as it will be too harsh for the delicate and thin facial skin, and may leave it irritated and red. Blot your face dry when done, followed by using a moisturizer at night and one in the morning, mixed with a sunscreen.

When you exfoliate your body of the dead-cell buildup, it will reveal the younger, softer skin layer. It gets rid of the cell buildup that makes your face seem dry, dull, and flaky. Most people can do with at least some exfoliation. Especially consider exfoliation if you know your skin is dry on the surface, but oily underneath. You can simply use a home personal care product or a professional facial would make a good start to your exfoliating regimen.

A Bath Cloth and Other Exfoliating Methods

You don't have to spend a lot on the exfoliation process but it sure makes a shower that much more pleasurable. If you are using an exfoliant for the first time, use it once a day, preferably at night, or even just a few times per week. Always stop if you feel pain or your skin is uncomfortable. Before you make another attempt, switch products immediately, give your skin a rest, and allow your skin to recover. A clean, soaped up bath cloth will always do the trick. I find it a more delightful experience when a natural, fragrance is involved and all of the above will leave your senses in a whirl.

Observe that exfoliators come in many different sizes and shapes: If used gently on the face, a bath cloth can be very valuable. Abrasive sponges, brushes, pads are not unlike something you might use for your dishes, use them carefully and you may want to soap these up and use them on the body only, not the face. Toners, used on the neck and face, are even considered exfoliating products, and work by removing dead cells and dirt via a pad or cotton ball. Another exfoliating method is the use of a facial mask, for when they dry they take the dead skin cells with them.

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