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Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Whatever body care product you choose to use on your skin, be sure to use one integrated system. You will not attain the best outcome, if you mix and match a cleanser from one company and a toner from another. Know that systems are created to work together so that each step works on the one prior to it. If used as a singular system, they will work the most effectively on the skin. Have a go at another routine, if some part of the system does not work on your skin.

What you need, rather than a suitcase full of wonder-products, is a beauty regimen that is as stress-free, and as simple as possible. By dispensing with complicated routines, you will be following a less is more philosophy. All you need to do is follow a basic four-step system: Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize. The end result will be more than just time saved. You'll be radiating glowing skin, with an outer shine that can only come from your care and attention. This is a result that can't be bought!

Your Skin Needs the Right Body Care Product

Your skin type is determined by how little or how much oil your skin generates. A big tip for healthy skin, is observing your skin type. Knowing your type of skin can help you fine-tune your home skin care system and decrease breakouts. Expect your skin to modify according to the different phases of your life, and check your skin type from season to season. Allow your skin type to determine your choice in a body care product that's right for you, and you will be giving your skin the best possible treatment.

When you are out shopping for a body care product, such as an exfoliant, keep in mind creams with alpha and beta hydroxy acids, because they can get deeper into the skin's layers than a loofah sponge could. If you use a home spa cloth, make sure you use one that is gentle enough for the face. Harsher exfoliants can be used for the body, and can be used less frequently. If you use a facial scrub, bear in mind one that has some skin softening or moisturizing ingredients, so when you are finished blotting your face dry, you're not reaching for a heavy moisturizer to calm your skin.

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