Written by Norene Anderson
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Botox injections do wonders for getting rid of squint lines, laugh lines, and other types of wrinkles. It is a procedure that is quick and only mildly uncomfortable to endure. There is no recovery time because there is no need for anesthesia. The results are not seen until from two weeks to a month or more. It all depends on the amount of wrinkles that are being targeted.

Botox works by actually blocking the interaction of the nerve to the facial muscle that is associated with the particular wrinkle line. It causes the muscle to relax instead of contract. All the surrounding muscles continue to contract as usual and this gives a normal appearance to the face. Expressions are not affected by the use of this injection.

Will Botox Injections Be Your Choice?

Botox injections have been approved to treat a variety of neurological and ophthalmological disorders. One of the most common uses is to treat blepharospasms. This is the involuntary movement or "twitching" of the upper eye lid, sometimes to the point of interfering with vision. With the appropriately placed injections in the muscle group affected, the twitching will stop. These injections have to be repeated every three to six months. Some have been known to last longer.

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to those wrinkles that add years to your looks, then you may very well be a candidate to have this injection done. Make sure that the physician you choose is well-experienced in this area. It is easy to get too much and there are possible side effects and risks involved. It is also possible to not get enough and not have the results you desire.

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