Cellex C Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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Cellex C products are all spawned from a little experiment done by a lady who had devoted her career to studying the genetics of breast cancer and malignant melanoma. Her name is Lorraine Meisner and it is this lady who we thank for the introduction of vitamin C into our face products. She was the first person to suggest and test topical application of vitamin C. The health benefits of vitamin C were beginning to be known, but no one thought to actually apply it to the skin.

Lorraine Meisner took a pure form of vitamin C and combined it with a few other ingredients which she knew would help the C be absorbed and used by the skin, and mixed them together. She herself tried the mixture along with some friends and family. They all saw amazing results. Meisner didn't think much of her mixture because she personally chose not to wear make-up and use creams and didn't understand what all the fuss was. It took her a few years to really put it on the market. And, boy, are there some happy women since that decision.

Cellex C Products and Their Power

Cellex C knows the importance of antioxidants in this day and age. There are billions of free-radicals out there attacking our skin at every opportunity. These attacks come from pollution, smoking, caffeine, and certain eating habits. Antioxidants fight these. The most powerful antioxidants are found in vitamin C and all the fruits that contain vitamin C. It is these fruits and extracts which comprise most of Cellex C products, along with formulas that create maximum power of the product.

Cellex C products have everything from cleansers to foot creams to lotions, moisturizers, face masks and toner. They specialize in wrinkle reduction and prevention. Since the sun causes lots of free-radical damage, their top products are in sun creams and wrinkle lotions.

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