Collagen Facial Masks

Written by Serena Berger
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Collagen is one of the essential proteins which forms the foundation of our skin. Along with elastin and fibronectin, it is at the core of our middle layer of skin, which is the one ultimately most responsible for wrinkle prevention. Wrinkles are formed when the outer layer of skin sinks into the middle layer, due to a diminished amount of structural protein to keep it stretched out and smooth.

Everyone produces less collagen with age. There are avoidable environmental factors which can really mess with collagen production, however. Smoking and sun exposure can make a 25 year old look 40 and a 40 year old look 60 if he or she is not careful, all by inhibiting collagen production and damaging the cells which tell the body to make this beneficial protein.

The Misleading Claims of Topical Collagen Masks

Collagen facial masks seem to make a lot of claims about replacing collagen or stimulating your body to produce more of it. Most of these claims are false, and what collagen masks typically do is moisturize. Good moisturizing will diminish the appearance of the wrinkles which result from a lack of collagen, but it will not reverse or eradicate them.

Many collagen facial masks boast that they are made with marine collagen. Marine collagen in a mask will no more cause your body to replace lost collagen than eating tuna will make you grow gills. It is possible for a surgeon to use a non-ablative laser to simulate your body's production of collagen or inject collagen into the inner layers of skin. But collagen molecules are too big to pass from outside the skin through to the inner layer. If you are going to buy a collagen facial mask, be aware that you're paying for temporary moisture and plumpness, not a permanent solution to naturally diminishing collagen.

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