Combination Skin Care

Written by Liza Hartung
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Combination skin care is always fun because it seems like you need two routines-one for your oily areas and one for your dry areas. Thanks to modern day skin care, only some, if any, of your products need to be doubled for each area. There are plenty of face washes and moisturizers that are for combination skin specifically.

Most people who have combination skin generally have oily skin in the T-zone. The T-zone is so named for the area across your forehead and down your nose and chin, thus creating a letter 'T.' Some people will use special toner just in this area in order to help control the oil. Then, for the cheeks, which are usually drier, you can use a special moisturizer. Combination skin care can be frustrating because you never know what your skin is going to do, but there are certainly ways to take care of it and help put it into balance.

Available Combination Skin Care

When you're looking for products that will help balance your skin, look for ones that contain alpha hydroxyl acids. Also, some lighter more basic face washes offer a wash that leave your face without extra dryness and without extra oil. Look for products that say they are specifically for combination skin, or that say they are balancing.

Lucky, combination skin is not permanent. If you take the correct steps to combination skin care of washing twice a day (no more because you can dry out your skin, and no less because you will allow the oil to become cumbersome), moisturizing the dry areas or using a balancing moisturizer, toning the oily areas and keeping a watchful eye throughout the day, you can correct this problem. For products that will be helpful to your skin specifically, ask around at your local beauty supply store.

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