Written by Charles Peacock
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Cosmetics have been a booming business for decades. Women have always sought ways to enhance their beauty, and cosmetics help them do that. In recent years, advances in chemistry and color sciences have allowed for new, advanced lines of cosmetic products that are highly customized for different needs. Things like skin type, skin color, and allergies are now taken into consideration when developing cosmetics, creating a marketplace that can truly boast something for everyone.

The Wide World of Cosmetics Brands

New companies join the makeup market every year, and at the same time old brands don't tend to die off easily. This has lead to a situation of unprecedented choice: you can find every conceivable type of cosmetics at every conceivable price. And if you do a little research, you'll learn that buying the high-priced stuff doesn't always mean you're getting the best.

Brands that charge a premium for their cosmetics of course have a higher budget for things like research and development. This allows them to create even higher quality cosmetic products, with characteristics like subtle color shading and a high resistance to allergies and pore clogging. At the same time, the companies with the expensive products don't always hold exclusive rights to their technology.

In many cases, you can find makeup from no-name or low-priced brands that are every bit as good as their expensive counterparts. Many of the biggest name companies sell surpluses of their products to low-cost department stores and drugstore chains. These normally high-priced cosmetic products are then repackaged as generics, and sold at sometimes less than half of their normal price.

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