Dark Under Eye Circles

Written by Serena Berger
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Dark under eye circles plague many men and women, even those who have otherwise healthy and beautiful skin. The market is inundated with products which claim to combat or diminish them, but most of these products don't work. In order to feel confident about a product and not waste your money, you need to understand what causes dark under eye circles.

The Causes of Dark Under Eye Circles

The skin, and in fact the entire area, under the eyes is one of the most delicate areas of your entire body. Most of the epidermis (outer skin layer) on your body is 35-50 micrometers thick. Under your eyes it is about 20 micrometers thick; consequently it is much more fragile, and also more permeable to irritants and allergens.

This thin, fragile skin under your eyes covers a great concentration of blood vessels. The blood within those vessels is visible through the skin, often leading to a shadowed appearance. If your eyes have been irritated and you rubbed or scratched them, the area will bruise very easily, leading to dark under eye circles.

Given all of this information, you can see why it is both difficult to prevent and to treat under eye circles. The most important thing you can do is actually make sure that you don't rub the area; this typically means making sure you don't have any allergic reactions which cause your eyes to itch, and moisturizing the area so it isn't dry. Concealer is typically necessary, and you may want to consider something with a little bit of yellow in it to contrast with the purple color of most dark circles.

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