Decleor Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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Decleor products are an elite line of aromatherapy skin products from Europe. They originated in Paris, France in 1974 and have been chugging along nicely ever since. The products are based in the scent of essential oils of plants and flowers, and their olfactory effects greatly enhance their topical effects. Basically, if your nose is happy smelling some pretty smells, then your body gets happy and is going to more readily receive what is applied to the skin.

Open Your Nose to Decleor Products

Aromatherapy can be applied to so many things such as stress, depression, creativity, mood-elevators, cold remedies and headaches. Decleor products have taken these benefits and made them into something you can actually feel and put on your skin rather than smell alone. This combination give your skin an extra boost to set it on the path of rejuvenation and energizing more quickly than a product with no aromatic benefits.

Don't get confused here. Other products may have a scent. In all likelihood they will smell like something, but that does not mean they are programmed aromatically. They have a smell because of the ingredients, but Decleor products have a smell because it was designed that way in order to revive the skin and soothe the skin.

Decleor carries products for all skin needs. Let's say you're looking for a night crème for oily skin. You get one from Decleor, but the scent makes your nose itch. If you like the idea of aromatherapy working with the product, then just get another night crème! Decleor carries many options. Find what works for you and stick with it. Why change a good thing?

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