Decleor Skin Care

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you like how the fresh sent of a rose can lift your mood or how the smell of peppermint can heal a headache, then you will surely love Decleor skin care. They have been experts in aromatherapy for the past 30 years and use that knowledge to create skin care products which will give your skin a boost, revitalize your cells and relax your skin. It's exactly what most of us need a lot of.

Decleor skin care is based in Paris, France, so you know it can't be too shabby. The French have a reputation for utilizing new technological advancements in their skin care that we haven't even gone near. So just knowing it's from France should set you at ease a bit. Decleor uses the slightly older but consistently proven technique of aromatherapy.

Aromatic Decleor Skin Care

Decleor uses the pure essence of carefully chosen plants for its key ingredients. The world over knows how beneficial certain smells and essences can be. Some smells make you want to gag, others help heal a stomach ache. Some will clear up a headache, some will relax you to sleep, some will boost your mood and some will even aid in concentration and creativity. Decleor skin care knows that these benefits don't just stop at inhaling.

The skin, too, reacts to essences in similar ways that the mind and body does from inhaling. Obviously, if your face moisturizer smells of flowers then your nose is going to pick up the scent and react a certain way, too. But so will your skin. Just by rubbing aromatic waters of mint and orange blossom on your skin you can achieve moisturizing with a thin, protective, and invisible film on your skin.

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