Deep Tans

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Deep tans are so glamorous. Whenever I think of film stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, I picture them with deep, dark tans, dressed all in white. Of course, the truth is that most of those film stars ended up looking like prunes by the time they reached middle age. As we now now, natural deep tans are simply terrible for your skin.

Healthy, Deep Tans

There's only one way to achieve a deep tan that isn't unhealthy, and that's through sunless tanning. If you haven't tried sunless tanning for many years, I can almost hear you groaning with skepticism. I know--fake tans used to be just terrible. Believe me, I remember the glowing orange faces and streaked hands quite well. I've even been there myself.

Trust me, things have changed. Have you noticed how many new sunless tanners have flooded the market in recent years? There's a good reason for it. Scientific developments radically improved the way DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) was processed for use as a sunless tanning agent. Basically, they finally got it right. Fake tans no longer look fake.

For really deep tans, I recommend a product called Tan Towel Plus. The "plus" stands for the extra depth of color. It comes in the form of a moist towelette, which is by far the easiest way to apply tanner. The results show in mere hours. For really pale skin, the results are even quicker.

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