Dermabrasion Pictures

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cliches become cliches because they're true. In the case of dermabrasion pictures, the old saw that "one picture is worth a thousand words" is particularly appropriate. In this case, however, you need two: before and after. These sets of dermabrasion pictures are absolutely the best selling tool you have, except for direct word of mouth.

Before and after dermabrasion pictures should be chosen for accuracy, clarity and results. Some pictures used in advertising utilize tricks of lighting to make the results appear better than they really are. An intelligent viewer can see through such tricks. And if you gain a patient who believed the photos, it can backfire on you when that patient's results don't live up to expectations.

Post Your Dermabrasion Pictures on the Internet

Posting photos of successful dermabrasion treatments on your web site is a highly effective and very inexpensive way to expand your practice. Prose information is, of course, a necessity, but striking photographs are what sell the procedure. The more pictures you can post, the better, since you don't want your prospective patient to think it only worked well once or twice.

The best photo sets are those in which the only difference is the result of the procedure. Advise your patients not to make drastic changes in hairstyle, make-up, etc. Such changes may make the "after" picture seem more attractive, but photos that are identical except for the procedure results are more convincing. Be sure you have your patients' permission to post their pictures.

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demarbrasion pictures

Very good advice for dermabrasion marketing!


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