Dermalogica Reviews

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Dermalogica reviews can be found in nearly every American and European beauty and fashion magazine of note. On a monthly basis, editorial features of "must have products" routinely feature Dermalogica offerings. But the greatest reviews of these gold-standard cleansers, moisturizers, and conditioners may not be the written word, but word of mouth of loyal users, and the droves of professional skin therapists across the globe.

Dermalogica products were created by the founder of the International Dermal Institute to fill a need. Necessity being the mother of invention, in 1986 there were simply no products on the market which were made completely free of potentially skin-irritating ingredients. Jane Wurwand, the founder of the International Dermal Institute--the pre-eminent post graduate learning facility for skin therapists--felt someone needed to step up and create a line of products that were truly skin-beneficial, which would meet the exacting educational standards her students were being taught. Thus, the Dermalogica range of products were born.

Dermalogica Reviews: Reputation Built on Word of Mouth

Dermalogica buys no ad time on television or radio, nor do they appear in glossy magazine ads. Nonetheless, they are the most-used products by professionals in the industry. Skin therapists, professional makeup artists, dermatologists, beauty magazine editors and celebrities across the globe use and recommend these products to their friends, clients, and customers.

Even in a lengthy search around the Internet, finding a negative word on this line of products is hard to come by. The only drawback among some consumers is the expense--Dermalogica isn't cheap. But considering the results-oriented approach of this line of products, dedicated users seem to consider their money well spent.

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