Dermalogica Skin Care Products

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Dermalogica skin care products are the brainchild of British skincare specialist, Jane Wurwand. Wurwand, who began working in beauty salons in England as a young girl, grew up to found the International Dermal Institute. It was while at the IDI that Wurwand began to realize there were no brands on the market that met the educational standards being taught. And so, Dermalogica skin care products were conceived.

Dermalogica products focus on results and ease of use. They are packaged minimally, without emphasis on luxury or glamour, but instead with an eye toward straightforward utility. Many of their products are presented in single-application formats, which ensures correct "dosages," and prevents contamination.

Dermalogica Products: Good and Good for You

All Dermalogica products contain eco-safe ingredients. No artificial colors or fragrances are used. No substances known to cause skin irritation are used. Though this may be standard for many fine skin care product lines today, this was not so in 1986. The first cosmetic chemists Ms. Wurwand approached dismissed her ideals as "impossible." It was simply unheard of at the time to create skin care products without synthetic ingredients and known irritants such as SD alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil--even formaldehyde.

Their original products, among them the Dermal Clay cleanser, Active Moist and Skin Smoothing Cream, continue to be best sellers even to this day. Dermalogica feels no pressure to launch multiple products every year, preferring instead to develop products only as research and consumer needs are identified. This dedication to product quality and user satisfaction are but two reasons Dermalogica continues to set the standard for skin care products world wide.

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