Discount Dermalogica

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Considering the Dermalogica is one of the most sought after skin care lines in the world, it's not too surprising their products are far from inexpensive. However, Dermalogica products, unlike some others, are not expensive for sake of being so. Their products are expensive to buy because they are expensive to make.

Extensive research goes into every Dermalogica product. They employ highly trained and experienced chemists to develop perfected formulas. They use only the highest quality ingredients possible, with no "cheap" fillers--with proven track records of skin irritation--such as mineral oil, S.D. alcohol, lanolin, formaldehyde or artificial colors or fragrances, all of which can be commonly found in other skin care products. As a result, Dermalogica products are considered among industry professionals to be the gold standard of skin care products.

Discount Dermalogica: Honey, It Already Is

It may be surprising to discover Dermalogica products, costly as they are, are much less expensive than they might otherwise be. Dermalogica spends no money on advertising. They rely exclusively on word of mouth and positive press--of which they receive dozens of pages a month in beauty, fashion and industry magazines around the world. Further, they spend very little money on packaging, opting instead to invest on the product within the box, not on the box itself.

Impressive as the products are, in order for them to work to their fullest potential, first time customers are urged to visit a licensed Dermalogica skin therapist. Because their products are created with very specific skin care needs in mind, it is very important to allow a Dermalogica therapist to "prescribe" the right products for you. Finding a great deal on a Dermalogica product online is no deal at all if it's not formulated to meet the actual needs of the user. It's like wearing the eyeglasses of a friend--they might work, but they're not really the right prescription, and you're aware of it every time you put them on. If you're really ready to make the investment in your complexion by using a top-of-the-line product line like Dermalogica, then first get the skin consultation to identify which products are really right for you, and therefore worth your money. If they are as effective as they're reputed to be, then any money is well spent.

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