Dr. Perricone Skin Care

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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A lot of people became familiar with Dr. Perricone skin care after reading Dr. Perricone's book, The Wrinkle Cure. The Perricone Prescription is another book by this renowned dermatologist, which advocates the use of Dr. Perricone skin care products. Personally, I think the books are better than the products.

The Dr. Perricone skin care book series is very illuminating, and helped me understand how to better protect and care for my skin. The skin care products themselves are very pricey, and not as effective as I would have liked. I was hoping to see dramatic results, and I didn't.

Dr. Perricone Skin Care Online

For the last few years, I only buy skin care products over the Internet. It's simply an easier, less expensive way to shop. After I had my so-so experience with Perricone products, I found DDF products over the Internet. DDF stands for Doctor's Dermatologic Formula. DDF products are uniformly excellent, producing dramatic results.

I make sure to cleanse my face, and to protect with sunscreen every single day, whether I am going to be outdoors a lot or not. You can do a whole lot of sun damage to your skin just walking to and from the car. I use special repairing moisturizers at night that help with cell regeneration. I also always use a special cream for my eyes, since the skin there is so sensitive.

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We are so excited to learn about your blog Shannon! Living in Hawaii has alwyas made sun protection challenging to say the least. We love finding sites like yours that help spread the word about Melanoma and sun protection!Skincare and great products is our other passion so we look forward to sharing your blogs-we so like reading about what products and new Skincare treatments are happening on the mainland. Oh, we were featured on the same page as you in the latest NB issue. much aloha Devra


, of course I need to miritusoze and use SPF 30 (or higher) here in the desert and have often turned to tinted miritusozers (DDF Enhancing Sun Protection is my current fave.) However, it's not water-proof. I would LOVE to try Skin Tint and give that sweat-proof claim a work-out here in the desert heat!