Dry Skin Moisturizers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Dry skin moisturizers are a necessity for some. I moved to California recently, and was amazed at how often I needed to use moisturizers to keep my skin from drying up. The dry, desert air is incredibly effective at stealing away your body's natural moisture.

Using Dry Skin Moisturizers

You don't have to live in the desert to feel the need for dry skin moisturizers. Even on the relatively balmy Atlantic coast you'll find days in the winter time when the level of moisture in the air is very low, creating perfect conditions for dry skin. People also report that different types of houses or buildings tend to have dryer air than others, either creating or exacerbating dry skin problems.

Dry skin moisturizers keep your skin feeling healthy by creating a protective layer between your skin and the air. This allows your body to retain its own moisture for longer periods of time. So how do you choose a moisturizer?

Depending on how dry your skin gets, some moisturizers may be better than others. Finding the right moisturizer was quite a task for me--I had to avoid heavy, greasy creams because they would often cause me to break out. In addition, you may need different moisturizers for different parts of your body: heavier cream for thick skinned areas like your feet, thinner cream for sensitive areas like the face.

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