Dry Skin Treatments

Written by Serena Berger
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Dry skin treatments exist to help all levels of severity of dry skin. In some cases, this means a simple moisturizer for occasional itchiness or potential flaky patches. In others, this means a skin care regimen you will begin with the help of a doctor to treat a serious dry skin disorder such as eczema.

The best dry skin treatments for moderate dry skin have to deal with one major concern. A number of the products you can use to moisturize may contain chemicals or substances which the skin cannot process and use, and these substances clog pores. Whiteheads result from clogged pores and dry skin, and many of the treatments for whiteheads are cleansers which strip essential moisture, leading right back to dry skin problems.

Finding Dry Skin Treatments

This may give you a sense of why it can be a delicate process to find the ideal treatment for dry skin. Everyone has his or her own biochemistry, and what is a good product for one person may be terrible for another. Between finding a gentle cleanser, a mild but effective exfoliant, and the right moisturizer, even treating mildly dry skin can require some serious research and effort.

Over the counter dry skin treatments for chronic dermatitis or eczema can compound all of these problems. The stakes are also higher, as blemishes, cracking, and peeling can all result in infections which require professional care. If you want to treat dry skin, as well as the wrinkles and blemishes which can be related problems, the Internet is a wonderful resource to find out more about your condition and what you can do to make your skin perform its best.

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