Esthetician Supplies

Written by Sarah Provost
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The sheer volume of esthetician supplies needed to start or maintain a business, plus the absolutely mind-boggling number of choices within each category, makes shopping and selection almost overwhelming. How can you narrow it down so you get everything you need at the best price? Here are a few ideas to help you write your "shopping list."

First, make a master list of what treatments and services you will be offering. Then, for each treatment, list every kind of esthetician supplies you'll need. For now, go ahead and list duplicates; you will need towels, for example, for many different treatments, so list towels under each category. Go through and highlight all the duplicates, then estimate your needs for these items for all categories. It's like stocking a pantry: you'll need a list of "staples" such as towels, and another for ingredients specific to each treatment.

Selecting Esthetician Supplies

Now that you have an overall picture of what you need, you'll need to decide what specific products you will use. Do you prefer to pick and choose your favorites from among many different lines? Or would you prefer the simplicity of using one brand for all your products? Keep in mind that using one brand or one supplier for all your esthetician supplies may give you eligibility for bulk discounts. Doing your shopping online makes comparison easier.

Again, the most convenient way to maintain your inventory is to use the kitchen model. Print out several copies of your master list and post it near your supply cabinet. As soon as you start to run low on one product, check it off on the list so you'll know what you need to reorder without rummaging through everything.

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