Exfoliate Skin

Written by Charles Peacock
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Looking to exfoliate skin? You're a smart cookie--exfoliation is one of the most effective ways to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Removing dry, dead skin from your face and body keeps your pores clean, prevents peeling and uneven tanning, and can even fight against wrinkles. So what are the best ways to exfoliate skin?

How to Exfoliate Skin

There are many types of skin exfoliants, some milder than others. Depending on the degree of exfoliation you're looking for, you might want to spend some time researching different options and even trying them out before settling on a method or brand. You may even want to mix and match--some skin exfoliants may be better in the summer, for instance, and other in the winter.

One of the most common ways to exfoliate skin is to use a sponge, brush, or loofah while you bathe or shower. While bathing, your dead skin absorbs water and is easier to remove. Using a scrub brush, a hard sponge, or a loofah will help you remove all of your dead skin at this optimal time. And there's no need to scrub hard--typically dead skin will fall off easily without much pressure.

Another option for skin exfoliation is to find a soap or face wash that brands itself specifically as an exfoliant. Many washes and soaps contain natural or synthetic elements that help you remove dead skin while you're washing. For instance, some washes contain microscopic beads or grains (typically they call them "microscopic" but paradoxically make sure you can see them) that act as a mild abrasive, helping to rub off and dissolve dead skin.

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