Exfoliating Cloth

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Exfoliate your skin every week with an exfoliating cloth to get that healthy glow. Unless, you have extremely sensitive skin or a skin disorder of some kind, almost all of us will benefit from a regular skin exfoliating. The average human generates a new layer of skin every two to four weeks. You can improve your complexion tremendously by sloughing off old cell build up, to reveal fresh, new skin cells.

Without expensive, harsh or abrasives chemicals, you can naturally and gently exfoliate skin cells to reveal smooth, new skin. For lasting softness and a silken, radiant finish, rejuvenate your skin daily by exfoliating your skin. Soft, sensuous skin is just waiting to be uncovered on all your dry, rough skin problem areas. Your skin's condition will improve with each use of an exfoliating cloth.

An Exfoliating Cloth Will Make Your Skin Glow

Once your body is thoroughly wet, put on some cleanser on your exfoliating cloth. Using gentle, circular motions, scrub your body with it. Then, apply moisturizer to your body before it is fully dry. Know that unless the skin is rehydrated with after shower lotions, everyday exfoliating can be extremely drying to the skin and will do more harm than good. Enjoy the finest spa treatment in your own home!

A lot of water, exercise, the right nutrients, and a daily face cleaning are all great ways to get a healthy glow. And if you exfoliate your skin regularly, not only will you slough off that dulling, dead skin, but you will start the circulation flowing in your body, which will rejuvenate you and your skins vibrancy. Remember, skin glows if it is healthy, and if you are healthy.

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