Eye Wrinkles

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The most important thing to know when it comes to fighting wrinkles around the eyes is that regular facial moisturizers won't do a darn thing. They can't. Eye skin is much more delicate, and moisturizers for the face will just sit on top of eye skin. They will not permeate the top layer. To fight eye wrinkles with a topical treatment, you must invest in a cream which contains molecules small enough to penetrate this delicate skin.

Behaviors That Reduce the Risk of Eye Wrinkles

Besides investing in a decent eye cream, there are actions you can take which help prevent eye wrinkles from forming. One is to get glasses, if you need them. Squinting and peering results in small creases around your eyes, and furrows between the brows, which over time will develop into full-fledged crows feet.

Eye puffiness is another major contributor to eye wrinkles. Puffy, swollen eyes stretch delicate eye skin. There are at least three behavior changes which can greatly reduce eye puffiness. The first is to avoid alcohol. The second is to avoid high-sodium foods. The third is to avoid drinking large quantities of water late in the day, or before bed. Though it is vital to drink those oft-mentioned eight glasses of water, drinking them before bed can result in those puffy eyes, which contribute to wrinkle formation.

To reduce eye puffiness during sleep, try sleeping on a pillow which props your head up a bit. To reduce eye puffiness upon arising, maintain a vertical position, and apply cool water to the eyes. Another trick, often used by skin care authorities, celebrities and models is to apply a small amount of Preparation H (yes, that Preparation H) gently to the eye area. The active ingredient in this ointment gently constricts blood vessels, which can help eliminate puffiness.

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