Facial Creams

Written by Charles Peacock
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Facial creams come in so many different varieties it's almost impossible to pick one. The lucky ones are those people who've found the perfect cream and have been using it for years. Narrowing down products based on feel, smell, and effectiveness can be difficult work--but it pays off when you've found just the right cream for your skin.

Finding the Right Facial Creams

Smell is always an important factor when you're picking out facial creams. If you have a particular perfume or cologne that you wear, you can often find a facial cream of the same brand. This can be useful in that it allows you to apply a small amount of fragrance when moisturizing your skin, even on those days when you don't feel like spraying on perfume or cologne.

Another important factor is consistency. Some creams are thick and greasy, and while these can be great if your face is extremely dry, they will typically cause more problems than you're looking for. The best facial creams have a smooth, milky texture, and seem to disappear completely when rubbed into the skin.

A lot of the best facial creams are made with natural ingredients. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze--and in many cases she's created the best solutions for keeping your skin soft and smooth. Even if you're already sold on a particular brand, try a natural or organic skin cream and see if it doesn't make you a convert.

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