Facial Liposuction

Written by Norene Anderson
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Facial liposuction is a surgical procedure that is done to remove excess fat cells from the body. It is better known as the surgery that is done to trim down the abdomen and thighs to have a more shapely body contour. The same process is used to resculpt the face. The cannula that is used to remove the fat cells is inserted through a tiny incision on the face or neck where the incision site will not be noticed.

The cannula is attached to a pump or a suction syringe that will extract the fat cells as the cannula is inserted between the skin and muscle tissue. The removal of excess bulges of fat cells changes the contour of the face. For facial liposuction to truly be a success, it is often combined with a chin or cheek implant. When the fat pockets are so out of proportion that there is very little chin bone showing, it is necessary to augment the chin to achieve balance.

Consider Facial Liposuction

Facial liposuction is equally successful on men and women. The main thing is that the fatty deposits should be localized and the patient should be in otherwise good health. The skin should have good elasticity. This works best on younger patients whose skin is still actively contractible and not sagging.

The removal of the fat cells is permanent. They do not come back. However, it is possible to gain weight simply by feeding the existing fat cells too much. It is important to take care of the entire body and maintain a comfortable weight. It is possible that a second procedure is needed to get the final results desired, but this is very rare. Results are usually obtained with just one procedure.

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