Facial Masks

Written by Serena Berger
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Facial masks are one of the most fun and effective forms of beauty treatment. Many women look forward to getting a facial (at home or at a spa) as a time to relax and be pampered. Some people will have a basic cleansing facial once a week, and perhaps a more specialized facial once every couple of weeks or once a month.

Facial Masks at Home

A facial is a deep skin treatment, used to cleanse, rejuvenate, rehydrate, or soothe the skin. They can also be used to treat or minimize blemishes and acne, and also to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You may not want to pay spa prices for a weekly facial, and it is probably not necessary to do so. You should, however, take a lesson from the way facials are performed at a spa in order to make the most of any facial that you apply at home.

You need to cleanse your skin before applying a facial. Spas will also give you a facial massage before applying any clay or cream. This is (hopefully) pleasurable, but also is meant to help blood circulation, which in turn encourages lymphatic drainage. This helps get toxins and waste out of the body. In order to obtain the most impressive effects of a facial, you should steam first in order to open pores. That way, whatever you put on your skin can get in more deeply and clean them out. Especially if you are treating blackheads, this is the most important step.

What kind of mask you use will be determined by what issues you have with your skin. If you need hydration, that can be easily accomplished. You can make your skin smoother and softer and diminish the appearance of fine lines. You can also treat acne and apply an anti-inflammatory mask if you want to lessen redness and swelling. You can dry up oily skin, and exfoliate any skin type. You can also use a mask to lessen the sensitivity of skin if yours is particularly bothersome.

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