Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Glytone products are famous for their high percentage of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Glytone products may contain glycolic acids in concentrations of as much as 20 percent. According to Glytone, high glycolic acid counts are among the best ways to achieve smooth, clear skin.

Glytone: Super High AHAs

Glytone products are primarily sold to consumers via dermatologists and plastic surgeons, although many of their products are available via online skin care boutiques. While some might believe that more is better, experts caution that consumers be careful with any product containing extremely high glycolic acid counts. Many authorities contend that AHAs are most safely effective at 10 percent or below.

Don't be overly alarmed--high glycolic acid counts are not necessarily dangerous. Sometimes they do have the capacity to irritate the skin. Some critics of the higher AHA-count Glytone products say that the "plumper" look these products deliver to some complexions is actually the result of skin irritation. However, let your dermatologist be the judge.

While many of Glytone's products are available to consumers via online skin care stores, pay special attention to product descriptions. Perhaps because they are traditionally sold in offices of plastic surgeons and dermatologists, their products may not offer clear consumer labeling about their ingredients, nor about their potency. With regard to glycolic acid products in general, consumers should first consult with their professional dermatologist to find the right products for their skin. These products can produce enormous benefits for your skin, but they must be used wisely and in the proper concentrations and amounts.

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