Hand Creams

Written by Serena Berger
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Hand Creams take care of one of the most important parts of your body. The hands are exposed to as many unfavorable elements as your face, and even some additional ones. Between the weather, water, the sun, and the hard work you do, your hands can take quite a beating; hand creams do what they can to combat all of the inevitable abuse.

Many people have painfully dry hands. The most common causes are dry, cold, windy weather, dish washing and other activities that keep your hands wet for a long time and then cause you to dry them repeatedly. Skin is likely to become dry, and, if left untreated, will quickly begin flaking and tearing.

The Benefits of Hand Creams

A good hand cream will moisturize, obviously, and in addition will protect the skin from losing its own moisture. Frequently containing an SPF of 15 or higher, a quality hand cream protects not only from the wind and cold, but also from sun damage. If you have started to peel or flake, a mild exfoliant will help get rid of the dead skin before it ends up taking more healthy skin with it as it peels.

High end specialty hand creams can also work some minor miracles. Hands are highly susceptible to wrinkling because the amount that you use them causes their natural elasticity to diminish over time. Dryness then increases their tendency to wrinkle. An anti wrinkle component is a powerful part of some of the best products for hands, as is a mild anti allergy component, which can make hands less sensitive to environmental irritants, thus reducing redness and the dryness which follows scratching.

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