Home Facials

Written by Norene Anderson
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Home facials are becoming very much a part of the routine for many women that just cannot afford to get regular salon treatments. These can be very expensive and since facials are not a one-time event, it can really take a cut in the budget to maintain the look and feel of the skin that is desired. There are many treatments that are available for use at home that are of the same quality that is used in the spa or salon.

It is possible to set up the atmosphere to do home facials with the same great results that you can get from the professionals. All you have to do is put on some relaxing music, fill the air with the soft fragrance of aromatic candles, and turn the lights down low. This sets the mood for total relaxation while the facial goes to work.

Home Facials Save Money

Home facials come in a variety of types and ingredients. There are masks that have all natural ingredients. There are masks that are designed to specifically draw out the impurities from the skin and also to remove the dead skin. Some have additional ingredients to help control acne. Still others are a special treatment designed to make the skin soft. It is important to follow the right steps to have the best results.

Start with a massage. Always cleanse the face with a gentle cleanser. Mildly steam the face and then blot dry. Apply an astringent or camphor lotion before beginning the massage. Always use upward strokes from the neck going upward to lift the cheeks. Go over the entire face gently working upward strokes. After the massage, wipe your face with water that is lukewarm. Then apply the face mask or pack. When you remove the pack, follow the directions specific for that product.

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