Jurlque Skin Care Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you've ever found yourself wondering where, exactly, all the ingredients in all your skin care products come from; you should be pleased to know the Jurlque skin care products can answer that question for you in a jiffy. All the natural, organic, herbal ingredients are grown right on a big plot of land known as herb farms in southern Australia. Isn't it nice to know where all the stuff you're putting on your face comes from?

The Natural Way of Jurlque Skin Care Products

All of Jurlque's products are hypoallergenic and pH balanced to help your skin accept them smoothly. Since all the ingredients are grown on an herb farm they are all plant-based and without petrol or coal tar chemicals. Isn't that good to know? How many of us have been using non-natural products for years? We've actually been doing more long-term harm than help.

I know that some of you get squeamish about the idea of putting seaweed on your face, but doesn't that sound better than something that's been process with chemicals and many other yucky things? Moreover, actually, you normally won't be putting raw seaweed on your face. It's just in the product. Guess what else is neat about all this! Jurlque skin care products have no artificial fragrance or colors and they're biodegradable. It's good for your skin and for the earth!

All Jurlque skin care products are based in ancient traditions of aromatherapy, herbalism, homeopathy and alchemy. For those who like the natural, easy way of holistic methods, you're going to love Jurlque. In addition, if you want to make sure your whole body is being treated in a natural way, Jurlque supplies products for face, body, sun and for men.

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