Laser Acne Treatment

Written by Serena Berger
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Laser acne treatments are a source of contention among doctors and plastic surgeons. Some say that lasers are effective even when the most aggressive treatments with antibiotics are not. Others say that there is no conclusive evidence that laser treatments are effective in treating acne. You can find testimonials from patients who strongly believe in the procedure, however, so you might want to know more about it if you are plagued with acne.

The Technique of Laser Acne Treatment

The full term for laser acne treatment is pulsed dye laser therapy. This treatment takes a matter of minutes, and uses a small device to deliver hundreds of laser pulses to the skin in the affected area. The objective is to shrink the blood vessels that are causing red spots and improve the acne.

Some doctors find that the laser treatment not only clears up a lot of acne but also helps treat scarring and diminish wrinkles. The latter would make sense, as pulse laser treatments are often used to stimulate collagen production. It is only ablative treatments which are used to remove scars, however, so it is questionable whether any non-ablative laser treatment could yield results diminishing scar tissue.

Laser treatments are also being used on psoriasis, rosacea, eczema and warts. This technology has been approved by the FDA, but it is still in its nascent stages. Typically it is not covered by insurance, and each treatment costs several hundred dollars. Doctors say that you will need multiple treatments to see results.

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