Laser Face Lifts

Written by Norene Anderson
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Laser face lifts are actually not a true "lift", but rather, a way of smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. It will also remove discoloration of the skin. It is more appropriately called a resurfacing. The heat from the laser will cause the collagen underneath the skin to shrink and this will help smooth out some of the wrinkles, but it does not get rid of the collection of fat. It also will not take care of the sagging muscles.

Laser face lifts are a possible alternative to the chemical peels that are used to remove the surface layer of skin. This is actually the way the laser resurfacing works. The heat from the laser takes the skin off in thin layers until it is down to smooth skin without discoloration. The procedure is not without risks. Before considering this or any other procedure, be sure the risks are explained fully.

Facts about Laser Face Lifts

There are so many techniques that are available for getting rid of the wrinkles, sags, and bags that add years to our lives that it is sometimes hard to choose. It has been shown, however, that a combination may be the best way to go to get the look that is desired. The surgical face lift will get rid of the excess skin and fat. The laser face lifts will remove discoloration and any fine lines that are left.

For all the different types of procedures that are available to take years off your face, check out the Internet. There is a wide range of cost and recovery time, depending on the procedure. Some procedures are done within an hour or so while others take several hours. The cost is going to go up rapidly when general anesthesia is required.

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