Medical Microdermabrasion Sales

Written by Sarah Provost
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Medical microdermabrasion sales can be greatly enhanced by using the resources available to you on the Internet. Establishing and maintaining a web site is well worth the initial investment of time and money. If you aren't web-savvy yourself, hire a consultant to set up your site for you.

Personal word of mouth is, of course, the best recommendation for new clients. But it is very limited in scope and effectiveness, and you shouldn't rely on it as your sole or even primary source for medical microdermabrasion sales. A well-designed web site will serve three purposes. It will provide information about how the procedure is done; it will show the results that can be obtained; and it will bring attention to your name and your clinic from a wide geographical area.

Photos Are an Excellent Tool for Medical Microdermabrasion Sales

Showing a prospective client the results that might reasonably be expected is a powerful tool for medical microdermabrasion sales. Seeing, as they say, is believing, and a few sets of good, clear before and after pictures can do more for your sales than any number of paragraphs of prose, no matter how well written. The most effective photos are those that are virtually identical in every aspect except the results of the procedure.

The internet can be a powerful marketing tool. In today's climate, where clients are willing to expend time and effort to improve their appearance, it is not unlikely that many will travel some distance to use your services. Don't limit yourself to the local yellow pages--make use of the technology available to you.

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