Mini Face Lifts

Written by Norene Anderson
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Mini face lifts are very similar to the full-surgery facelift except the incision is much less. Instead of the incision going around the ear and into the hairline, it only goes around the ear. It actually goes around the ear from the top and following the outline of the ear. It is also necessary to make a small incision under the chin.

One great advantage of mini face lifts is there are less complications following surgery. Since there is a smaller incision, there is also less post-operative swelling of the face. The possibility of hair loss is also less with the mini face lift. There will be a much smaller scar with this surgical procedure than the traditional type of face lift surgery. Recovery time before returning to work is usually only five to seven days.

Mini Face Lifts Bring Results

There still can be bruising, but it is not as severe as the full-surgery face lift. With the smaller incision, the need for bandages is less. It is not necessary to wear the full-head bandages so typical of the more involved face lift surgery. It is necessary, though, to wear a chin strap at night for about seven days. This is not a permanent fix. It usually lasts around ten years.

Mini face lifts are ideal for busy people who want to have the great results without having to be out of sight for a long recovery time. The scar is hardly noticeable and the swelling and bruising is so minimal, it goes away rather quickly. There is a lot of information on the Internet about face lifts and what is realistic to expect.

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