Mini Tummy Tucks

Written by Norene Anderson
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Mini tummy tucks are often the procedure of choice for removing the excess stretched skin following pregnancy. The mini tummy tuck is mostly used on the area below the belly button. It is really only effective when the loss of muscle elasticity is only in the lower abdominal wall. This procedure is used when the problem is not bad enough for a radical abdominoplasty.

The mini tummy tucks require a small incision above the pubis which allows for the muscle repair and removal of the excess skin. This requires the belly button to be detached and then reattached after removal of the fat and excess skin. It is fairly normal to use liposuction in conjunction with the mini tummy tuck to remove the fatty deposits from the lower abdominal area.

Why Chose Mini Tummy Tucks?

The mini tummy tuck has a lot of advantages over the full tummy tuck. There is a quicker recovery time because of much less tissue involvement and a much smaller incision to heal. It is usually between two and four inches. It is also not necessary to make a secondary incision in the navel area. Some physicians keep their patients overnight and others let them go home with very strict orders about avoiding any activity for at least twenty-four hours.

The cost of mini tummy tucks is much less than the full abdominoplasty. This surgery typically takes an hour and a half to two hours which is a lot less than the abdominoplasty. The savings in the operating room alone is significant. The total cost can be as much as fifty percent lower depending on the geographical location as well as the physician chosen to do the procedure.

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