Murad Skin Care

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Dr. Howard Murad is one of the leading skin care experts in the world, with a client list over 50 thousand strong. A board-certified dermatologist, pharmacist and the assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA, Dr. Murad believes that superior skin care results in not only a more beautiful complexion, but a healthier body as well. His practice focuses on science-based solutions, working in partnership with holistic treatments. In addition to topical applications like cleansers, moisturizers and specific skin treatments, he also recommends building a solid nutritional foundation and practicing stress-reduction exercises.

Dr. Murad contends that his skin care program, when followed faithfully for five minutes every morning and evening for five weeks, will dramatically improve the look of one's skin, as well as reverse the obvious signs of aging by over 30 percent. This skin care system is broken down into cleansing and moisturizing treatments, ingestion of specific vitamin supplements, the application of sunblock, and targeted skin infusions.

The Murad Skin Care Solution

Dr. Murad believes that all premature aging boils down to two words: water loss. He states that factors both internal (natural aging) and external (pollution and environmental stresses) contribute to the body's inability to remain hydrated. As a result, the body becomes vulnerable to wrinkling, sagging and other obvious aging characteristics.

The Murad skin care line features over 60 products. A fully personalized Murad skin care program would include a cleanser/toner, a moisturizer, the treatment solution of your choice (targeted repair for greater elasticity, reduced redness, wrinkle-reduction, etc.) and a dietary supplement to help build healthy, hydrated skin from the inside out. While it would, of course, be ideal to try all the products at the same time, such an investment might be too expensive for some. In that case, one might try just the specific treatment solution, and opt to select more Murad products over time. To help us understand his complete philosophy of skin care, Dr. Murad has written a very readable book entitled Wrinkle Free Forever, which contains all his theories as well as practical ways to achieve one's skin care goals.

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