Natural Anti-aging Treatment

Written by Serena Berger
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Cosmetics companies make billions of dollars every year selling products which they claim are natural anti-aging treatments. Not everyone means the same thing when they use this phrase, however, and you should be aware of what you may be getting. For example, some companies would say that anything non-surgical is natural--that the only thing non-natural would be cutting, abrading, or peeling your skin in a doctor's office.

Other companies use the word natural to distinguish ingredients which occur in nature from ingredients synthesized in a lab. This distinction is not particularly useful unless you have some very specific allergies or skin sensitivities. Different people may actually have allergies to natural or to man-made products, so neither is inherently better for everyone.

Should You Use a Natural Anti-Aging Treatment?

The question then, should not be "What anti-aging products are all natural?" but "Which anti-aging treatments might actually work for me, and what exactly can they do?" The intent of an anti-aging product is preventative. If you already have wrinkles or skin damage that comes with aging, you've entered a different realm of products and treatments. If you want to prevent visible signs of aging, there are treatments which can be extremely helpful, though none will stop the clock entirely.

Moisturizer, cleanser, and sunscreen are the triumvirate of anti-aging skin care. The sun can add years to your appearance, so prevent it from doing so by wearing a strong sun screen all the time. Dryness can enhance the appearance of wrinkles and diminish skin's elasticity, so keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and moisturizing frequently. A gentle exfoliating cleanser will keep your skin fresh and free of blemishes. This is particularly important in the realm of anti-aging treatment because any time that your skin is itchy, you are likely to scratch it, which ultimately causes wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes--both of which can make you look tired and much older.

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