Natural Skin Care

Written by Serena Berger
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"Natural skin care" is not the same from a marketing perspective and a holistic perspective. There are many things you can do to make your skin better naturally, but many of the products sold as natural skin care aren't going to do much for you. Ultimately, eating right, staying healthy, and getting enough sleep are better methods of natural skin care than putting a lot of stuff on your face which some cosmetic company calls natural.

Advertising Rhetoric and Natural Skin Care

Advertisers would have you believe that anything which occurs in nature is automatically better for you than anything made in a lab. They'll talk about what the ancient Egyptians were doing a few thousand years ago, and you're supposed to think "Wow, this must be an amazing time-honored natural remedy for dry skin." Or they'll play up the sense that anything artificial is introducing foreign elements to your system, and you're supposed to feel as though this is impure and awful.

There are certainly effective skin care treatments that come from natural ingredients. Almonds, lime juice, egg whites, cucumbers, tea bags, sugar and any number of other things you can find in your kitchen may be able to smooth your skin, bring out highlights in your hair, de-puff your eyes, or have some other beauty benefit. You may want to experiment with them, or with store-bought treatments incorporating these natural ingredients, and you may find that you really like them.

Do not, however, assume that they are necessarily better for you than products without these ingredients. What's more, do not be fooled by claims that your skin can absorb natural skin care products better than others. Many "natural" products use ingredients from plants. We are not plants. Just because a fiber or molecule occurs in nature doesn't mean it's natural to you or that your body has any idea what to do with it when you slather it on. In fact, if your body can't process it, it will just sit there clogging your pores and making your skin look dull or even cause blemishes.

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