Natural Skin Care Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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Natural skin care products can be found all over the place and are generally best for your skin. They don't contain chemicals, artificial scents or colors and they come from the earth, which is the greatest healer out there. When you use products that have chemicals, they may aid a skin condition for a while, but eventually your skin will either become immune to the chemicals (which is a little scary) or it will start reacting badly. Natural skin care won't do this to you.

Readily Available Natural Skin Care Products

If you're strapped for cash or just feel like having a little gooey fun, you can find natural skin care products right in your local grocery store. Just by perusing the isles, you can find things that will help oily skin, dry skin, dry hands and feet, and products that will exfoliate. You can give an hour-long facial and body wrap just by utilizing your produce isle. Avocado is great for your face and your hair for moisture. Egg whites are good for oily skin and the yolk can be used as a mask for dry skin.

If the idea of just using organic produce for your skin needs is exciting, then read up on it a bit and see which products do what. However, if you don't feel like breaking eggs or washing honey off your fingers, there are plenty of natural skin care products available at beauty supply shops. These products can consist of anything from marine algae, essential oils, herbal extracts and botanicals. All are healthy and all can produce wonderful results.

As wonderful as natural skin care may be, however, make sure your choice of product contains ingredients that will help your particular skin type. Witch hazel is great for someone with tired eyes or varicose veins, but not so good for someone with rosacea. Talk with your local herbalist or esthetician to find out which natural products would be best for you.

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