Neck Liposuction

Written by Norene Anderson
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Neck liposuction is performed to reduce the excessive fat in the cheeks and neck. This improves the shape of the neck and lower cheek area. This works best for those who have good skin tone and intact muscle tone. The incisions are really very small and are not noticeable at all. Recovery time is quick and results are typically quite good.

With neck liposuction, there is some swelling and minor bruising. This should go away within one to two weeks. One of the best things to do to facilitate healing is to keep the head elevated and apply cold compresses to reduce the swelling. Demanding activities can be resumed after two weeks or as the physician directs. Normal activities can usually be resumed immediately.

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Most physicians use dissolving stitches in neck liposuction. This makes a much more comfortable healing process instead of going through the ordeal of having stitches removed from the tiny holes for the liposuction cannula. The recovery time following the procedure will depend on what type of anesthesia is used. It can be local or light general.

If the tumescent procedure is used, there is generally no need for any other anesthesia. This puts the anesthetic directly into the tissue. It helps with recovery by controlling the pain for several hours following the procedure. The result of this liposuction is a properly proportioned shapely neck that will last. Even if you gain weight, it will not come back in the place where the fat cells have been removed. It will add bulk to the existing fat cells, but new fat cells will not be generated.

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