Non Surgical Face Lifts

Written by Norene Anderson
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Non surgical face lifts come in a variety of choices. They are growing in popularity because of the convenience and reduction in recovery time. One of the most recent procedures that is growing in popularity is the Thermage. This was approved recently by the FDA. It uses a device called ThermaCool to emit radio frequency energy. This tightens and lifts the skin. There is no need for anesthesia and no incision.

There are other non surgical face lifts such as Botox injections. Botox is used to lift and smooth sagging and wrinkled skin on the face and jaw. It is even used on the neck to tighten the baggy skin. It takes anywhere from two weeks to a month to see results and the results usually do not last more than three to six months. In some cases, results have lasted longer, but that is rare.

Non Surgical Face Lifts Available

There are many creams and masks on the market that are used in place of any intervention from a healthcare professional. They are made specifically for home use. There are great results from many of these products. It is easy to check out the ones that truly work. Testimonials with pictures should be available to show proof that the product works before you buy it. There should also be a person to contact with any questions before you place your order.

Before you make a decision to have the standard surgical face lift or one of the non surgical face lifts, check out the Internet. There is an abundance of information that is readily available that will be a great resource for you. Be sure to know everything you can about all the options before a decision is made. There is too much at stake to take it lightly.

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