Normal Skin Care Products

Written by Liza Hartung
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For the lucky people out there with basically basic skin, you get to go shopping for normal skin care products. Since there isn't a whole lot wrong with your skin and you can usually go out with not a lot of make-up, and you don't have to be that particular with your choice of products. Obviously, you want to stay away from products geared toward oily skin or dry skin because yours may become dry or oily, respectively.

There is a wealth of normal skin care products for you to choose from. You basically just need to keep your skin balanced the way it is and make sure it stays clean. Because your skin isn't affected as readily as problem skin, you can practically choose your products just because you like the bottle it's in. However, I would recommend doing a bit more research. Find something organic with ingredients that sound like they may prevent future problems such as sun damage, wrinkles or collagen breakdown. Plus, look for something with antioxidants.

Normal Skin Care Products for Skin with Little Problem

Since people with normal skin don't have to worry about correcting a lot of problems, they can focus on future ones that may occur. Start using a night cream to keep your skin moisturized and full of elasticity. Eye cream is good for preventing or treating puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles. Also, make sure you're exfoliating once a week to keep blemishes and skin irritations at bay.

Normal skin care products also include make-up. You don't have to purchase anything with salicylic acid in it, but try to find products that are oil-free and have a lighter base. This will help keep your skin clear and your pores from clogging. You still may be sensitive to certain make-up lines or products, so if you start to break out, don't freak out. Just switch to another line and your skin should return to normal in a few days.

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