Pamper Gift

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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A home spa towel provides an easy and convenient way to make exfoliation a part of your evening or morning shower routine, and it is an ideal pampering gift. Gentle, regular exfoliation is the best way to keep skin feeling smooth and looking fit and young. It will help boost the skin's ability to absorb moisture, decrease acne, and diminish fine lines.

Every 28 to 45 days, healthy new skin cells make this journey to the surface. The flattened and dried up cells that have been on the surface of the skin too long are usually shed at the end of this cycle, and are a dull gray in tone. Dead skin cells flake and can clog the pores, leading to blackheads or superficial spots, giving an uneven, patchy look to the body and face. Help your skin get rid of all that dulling skin, by using an exfoliating cloth.

An Exfoliating Cloth is a Super Pampering Gift

For lasting softness and a silken, radiant finish, rejuvenate your skin daily by exfoliating your skin. The best thing is, you can do it without expensive, harsh or abrasives chemicals. You, yourself can naturally and gently exfoliate skin cells to reveal smooth, new skin. Your skin's condition will improve with each use of an exfoliating home spa towel, and it makes a wonderful pampering gift for friends or family. Soft, sensuous skin is just waiting to be uncovered by you and everyone you know.

Your skin is the protective covering over the body that keeps vital nutrients in, and harmful substances out. Exfoliating is important so the skin is ready to absorb the nutritious ingredients in products that wake up the skin. Exfoliate! It will leave your skin youthful and smooth looking, and it will improve circulation for better nutrition, oxygenation, and detoxification. You'll find your skin so miraculously radiant, that you will want to give that magical glow to all your loved ones.

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